Top ten things I find inspiration about Portland...

Hey, hello! 

Is that sunshine?!? Excuse me while I adjust to the light that has, until now, all but vacated Portland, Oregon. This city may not be the quirky post-90's utopia so many people lately think it is (Portlandia be damned!).  I'm now convinced that depression is like an earthworm and if you just add enough rain its bound to surface. I've also noticed an inverse relationship between traffic and good feelings, but I'm an artists so what do I know? Anyways, now that I've gotten THAT out of my system, I'll get on with the great parts of this city that have lately inspired me...   
1. MUSIC.  
Yeah, ok, San Francisco and Seattle like to steal the show, but we have John Craigie! I absolutely loved working up the poster for his upcoming solo tribute show, and if I need to tell you who its tributing then you need to read a history book, preferably one on 60's pop culture. The show is SOLD OUT, but I know how to get you a poster if you want one (wink, wink).
John Craigies SOLD OUT show. Poster by your's truly, and available in my store


2. FOOD. You may remember my introduction of Serenade in my last newsletter. Well they're still at it, and I had the pleasure of designing the latest menu for their Brazilian themed diner event. They pair these themed culinary events with live music and add a little twist to the mix with local spirits. What's not to love??
Place card and menu design for Serenade. Latest theme: Brazil! 

3. HORSES. Nothing like fresh air and horse manure to inspire creativity. Sure, I drive the 15 miles south to spend time with these majestic creatures. But lest you forget, horse drawn carriages used to be Portland's primary mode of transportation, and the little horse rings on the city's curbs are still there to prove it. I'm guessing we were more creative then. Or maybe just smellier. 
Personal project. Its me on a horse!
And more horses. Because I'm obsessed.  

4. TRUMP, or lack-there-of. There is no shortage of Never-Trump inspired group shows in this city, which just feels.... nice. Like Novocain for a bad tooth. Eventually the tooth needs to come out, but while it is there the Novocain helps. I recently submitted a piece to a political group show at The Pacific Northwest College of Art, and then shortly thereafter the US military dropped the "mother of all bombs" in Afghanistan (palm to face).
New piece for a group show, titled "Will he do it?" And yes, its a double entendre.
And that completes my top ten inspiring things about Portland. I realize that I've only mentioned four. I'm keeping the other six secret. Or maybe I just ran out of ideas, its anyone's guess. 

Thank you for your time.  Happy Spring (finally)!! Stay strong out there!

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