Can I wake up from this nightmare yet?

Hello friends,

Whelp, this past month was a doozy. I would be lying if I said that I didn't sometimes want to run away, dreaming of greener grass in far away pastures. But then Mary Oliver's wisdom rings like a bell between my ears and I'm reminded - now more than ever - why we root down, stand tall, fight for what we believe in; why we stay!  I'm so inspired by the outpour of love and support and action from people in my community and across this country, which has in turn inspired an outpour of artistic expression from me in response to the tumult of the recent election:
Illustration for pop-up show at Tillamook Station in Portland Oregon, November 2016.
Screen print + digital.
In honor of all women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and creed, here and everywhere.
Graphite and ink.
In other news, this month I had a cover and full page illustration in the November issue of Gather Magazine, the Lutheran Women's magazine based out of Chicago. I love the depth of empathy and emotion - always relatable regardless of one's religion -  within the pages of this magazine, and this issue couldn't have been published at a more appropriate time: 
Cover Illustration, November 2016, Gather Magazine
This issue focused on accepting flaws and discovering the sometimes surprising beauty and strength in our weaknesses. The concept was based around kintsugi, the art of embracing damage. Art directors: Greg Scott and Vicki Walden.

Resilience: the stickiness to keep going, November 2016, Gather Magazine.

Full page editorial illustration based on the article by Julia Seymour on guiding our children to be resilient to the inevitable challenges in life as they grow. Art directors: Greg Scott and Vicki Walden.
And in October, I had another illustration on the cover of Gather Magazine for their issue on envy and fairness:
Cover Illustration, October 2016, Gather Magazine
Envy, and dealing with emotions around fairness. Art directors: Greg Scott and Vicki Walden.
As Christmas approaches with its threats of cold weather and endless christmas playlists, I'm also gearing up for some wintery craft fairs and barter martkets throughout Portland Oregon.  I just ordered a bunch of mugs with my very special design to promote peace and justice! Great way to warm up with a strong coffee. Look for ways to purchase these on my website and Facebook page soon!